It is said that the journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step. I wonder if it is also fair to say that the journey of 1000 steps starts with a single mile?

EDwoodUCATION began with an idea: to provide educational programs that are student-centred, engaging and confidence-building. The teacher-heart inside of me wanted (and still wants!) students to explore new opportunities, overcome adversities and to experience the moments when they may achieve their best. I was listening to parents crying out for academic support for their children. I saw kids disengaged and unable to keep up with the curriculum. I also knew that there was a need for students to learn and play chess and for school holiday programs that are student-centred, engaging, fun and diverse. So, in 2017, I took on all three endeavours; to offer tutoring, chess coaching and holiday programs throughout the year. Before long, it was also evident that some students required extension programs and opportunities to think bigger.

With tutoring, chess coaching, holiday workshops and extension programs all established and growing, EDwoodUCATION has become that journey of 1000 steps that started with a single mile: it required a BIG leap of faith. Fortunately, I am living what the teacher-heart in me wanted to do. The journey has only begun, however, and there is much more to achieve.

I feel honoured that I may be able to make the world at least a little more engaging and interesting for all the students (and perhaps parents as well) that register and become part of EDwoodUCATION. I enjoy immersing myself in the diversity of the activities and I am thrilled that so many are benefiting from them. I recognise that I couldn’t succeed without the backing of those around me. I have wonderful support from my wife and a team of people to whom I wish to dedicate a future newsletter ‘CONTEMPLATION’. These brilliant people give me confidence that we may be able to offer quality programs to even more students in the future, for many more years to come.


In February, as the new school year kicked off, so did a number of new programs for EDwoodUCATION. The following is a quick summation of what EDwoodUCATION has offered throughout Term One:

  • Academic Extension through Chess at Glennie and St Mary’s College
    • purposeful and strategic chess programs designed to develop an appreciation for the game, raise awareness of the benefits of chess and prepare students for the big inter-school tournaments
  • Big Thinking
    • engaging, challenging and focused activities designed to expand students’ potential for thinking critically through:
      • chess puzzles and strategic board games
      • philosophical conundrums requiring reflection, discussion, evaluation and justification
      • robotics challenges
      • deductive puzzles and ‘Brain Buster’ riddles
  • FIRST LEGO League Legends
    • students are learning to construct and program LEGO Mindstorm robots to achieve a number of given tasks
  • Private Tuition and Chess Coaching

Term One, 2019, has also been the launch of Carter’s Chess – an enterprise to develop the appreciation of chess and opportunities to play the magnificent game in the Toowoomba region. We held the first BIG CHESS DAY OUT for 2019 – a day of coaching, competitive play and crazy fun games for Primary and Secondary students. The next BIG CHESS DAY OUT is on May 4th, Star Wars Day, where participants may dress in their favourite Star Wars character and play chess…the way it may be played in a galaxy far, far away!

The launch of Carter’s Chess website is nigh, but you may follow on Facebook @carterschess


In April, students will have the best school holidays at the EDwoodUCATION Holiday Programs. They will have opportunities to immerse themselves in robotics, stop-motion animation, Manga illustrations, art projects or burn off the holiday energy on the tennis court or whilst playing touch-football, t-ball or soccer.

For details, or to register online, please go to:

April will also kick-off Term Two activities such as Academic Extension through Chess, Big Thinking, FIRST LEGO League and new opportunities for learning and playing chess. Please explore for further details regarding these exciting programs.