The academic demands of the Australian Curriculum do not come easily to all students. Sometimes, a little assistance is required to help them keep up with the rigours of the pace of learning in our schools.

Private tuition may be the key that unlocks your child’s potential. Unfortunately, the classroom environment is not always the optimal place for some students to learn. Sometimes, a little direction in a focussed setting from an educator can make a big difference.

Ted has extensive experience of working with students and building their confidence and academic capabilities to help them to succeed. Through EDwoodUCATION, he is collaborating with other tutors, parents and teachers of the students to develop a well-rounded approach to setting goals and advancing together in order to reach desired targets.

Contact Ted at info@edwooducation.com.au if you wish to enquire about private tuition for your son or daughter.

You may also start the process of attaining tutoring through EDwoodUCATION by completing this form: https://forms.gle/gshYdXrFfEoMzYgG8

If you wish to register your interest in becoming a tutor (Blue Card and ABN required) please go to: https://forms.gle/E1FwfCVUjYdddRpf9