I play chess because it is fun and it keeps me calm. If other kids play chess they will learn more about themselves.


It’s fun because it is competitive. Chess is a calm game.


Chess will make your kids smarter. Kids can represent their state/country [playing chess].


I play because it’s fun getting together with friends.


I play chess because you can never know it all, so I love to improve my game. It’s also addictive.


I play chess to meet more friends. You should give it a go because you might enjoy it and you meet more people.


I play chess because I think it looks fun and interesting.


It is a challenging, problem-solving game that involves tactics and planning and it is fun. It changes the way your mind thinks. You move forward in life in steps like a Pawn. You need to make sacrifices in life to be rewarded.


Chess stands for:


I think people should learn chess because they would be able to find out things about themselves.

They would learn patience, discipline and how to keep calm.

I play chess because it has made me more mature and you can never stop improving in chess.


Chess extends your thinking and it’s fun.


It is fun because of the competition and the thinking. I also like the fact that it makes you smarter than just tutoring.


It is fun because it is a competitive and thinking game. Chess gives you the chance to represent your school or maybe your country.


Everyone who plays will like it a lot, like me! It can teach us about ourselves and the same thing can teach others about themselves.


It’s fun because I like how it challenges my brain and I enjoy the strategy. Chess shows teamwork as you cannot checkmate with just one piece.


I play chess because it is good for my brain. I think others should play chess because they can get a good education and maybe it could be one of their hobbies.


I believe other children should play chess and it should be a mandatory subject in school because it will help develop patience in young children. Children will study better in school and will be able to concentrate and focus better. It will also use children’s problem-solving skills and help children problem solve, memorise openings and they will be able to compete in tournaments. I play chess because it helps me develop important life-skills such as patience, observation, tactical skills and how to deal with losses. It helps with other subjects too like maths. It is also an interesting and unique sport which gives your brain a play and workout.


Why do I play chess?  I play chess because I love it!


I play chess because it is my big dream to become a big chess player.