Ted is a passionate chess coach. He has been engaging students in the marvel of chess for the past four years. His admiration for the game goes beyond identifying the ideal move on the board and complex problem-solving skills; Ted creatively weaves in stories of chess history and critical life lessons that may be learnt through chess.

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Chess is a reflection of life and imbedded in it are the stories and values of success, failure, emotional highs and lows, resilience, patience and knowing oneself. These are the lessons learnt through chess that makes the game so much more than a board and 32 pieces.

Chess is an inclusive and engaging activity that is low risk, inexpensive to establish, requires little management and is enjoyed by the vast majority of students. Unlike so many sports, participation is not limited by one’s age, gender or physical ability in order to compete. Alternate games, using chess principals, create even more possibilities for engagement and for developing players to challenge the more advanced.

Moreover, chess makes kids smarter. Though purposeful and intentional coaching, study, play and competition, students improve as problem solvers, readers, critical and original thinkers, logical and sequential thinkers and better decision makers.

Many opportunities exist for chess to enhance the learning experiences of students in your own school. Contact Ted and discover how beneficial chess may be in your school be and how multifaceted the application of chess can be.

Enquire about opportunities for child(ren), or your school, to be chess-tacular in 2021…