For the past five years, Ted has coordinated with curriculum coordinators and teachers to offer programs that are designed specifically for the needs of each school.

With the single purpose of expanding students’ thinking, Ted has engaged and inspired students from the ages of Prep through to Year 12. Offering a wide range of personal interests and resources, Ted is more than willing to consult with schools and design a program to suit the needs of the demands of students at your school.

The most popular workshops in the past years include:

  • Philosophy 101
  • Designing and building Vegetable Vehicles
  • Engineering to withstand Mother Nature’s Fury
  • Strategic Thinking through Chess Concepts
  • Making Mathematics Mind-blowing!
  • Introduction to LEGO EV3
  • Crazy Chemistry

Contact Ted if you wish to discuss how your school may meet the educational needs of students who require learning beyond the curriculum – ted@edwooducation.com.au