EDwoodUCATION Pty Ltd is a collective of caring educators and professionals motivated to guide students to achieve the extraordinary.

We exist to help students to L.E.A.R.N. – Listen, Engage, Articulate, Resource and Nail it!

Our purpose is to ENGAGE students, to EXTEND their potential and EMPOWER them to achieve more than they believe to be possible.

How do we do this? By designing programs that are purposeful for the many and supportive for the individual. This is achievable through:

  1. Private tuition – in-home or online, face-to-face support for both engagement and extension. We want to know the specific needs of each student and then provide the right support to empower that student to achieve.
  2. Holiday programs – full-day programs allow us the chance to engage, extend and empower as we introduce participants to a wide range of beneficial and exciting activities. Kids are naturally inquisitive and the opportunity to provide a wide range of events to spark new interests and passions is how we may add value to their school holidays.
  3. Extension programs – enriching learning experiences through intellectual pursuits. The challenge of defining the unknown and finding solutions to that which is puzzling is stimulation for those who enjoy extension. Our programs include philosophy, engineering challenges, robotics and strategic and lateral thinking activities.
  4. Chess programs – enticing students to have a go, learn and develop through multiple events face-to-face and online. The aspiration of Carter’s Chess is not to produce the finest young chess players, but to produce the finest young people through chess. Chess is known to heighten IQ scores, improve concentration, enhance problem solving skills and even increase mathematical and literacy outcomes on report cards.