Here, in the fast-paced (and exciting) world of EDwoodUCATION, we are constantly trying to make your world a little better and brighter. We know that we need to constantly make adjustments to how we operate so that we may IMPROVE and not IMPEED upon how you interact with us.

That is why we have been taking BIG steps this year to restructure our methods of communication with those who want to engage with us. Our regular mail-outs are now through Mailchimp which helps us to share with you the latest news and effortlessly guide you to more details and important registration forms. We also continue to post the latest ted-bits…I mean TID-bits :D…of news through Facebook and Instagram.

To all who subscribe to this website, we will add your name to the mail-outs we do through Mailchimp so that you won’t miss the latest news. Please advise us if you have not received any of our Mailchimp emails and we will promptly investigate why. Just email us at