The head-spinning pace and demands of modern education is causing students to feel overwhelmed, stressed and anxious. The tension is very REAL!

Parents try to help, but their efforts are limited because the content is taught differently to how they learnt it ‘back in the day’.

Attempts to assist with homework turn into private battles and the rate of progress is dramatically hindered.

Private tuition is one of the the most efficient way to provide the targeted support that many students need.

Our tutors are guided by qualified teachers with more than 40 years of combined classroom experience. Their efforts to support your child(ren) may be the key that unlocks your child’s potential.

We understand that it is about CONFIDENCE and so many students are lacking that key ingredient for success. Unfortunately, the classroom environment is not always the optimal place for students to learn. Occasionally, a little direction in a quiet setting from a skilled educator is all that the child needs.

Edward (Ted) Carter is a qualified teacher and is the Director of EDwoodUCATION Pty Ltd. He has more than 20 years experience of working with students and building confidence and academic capabilities to help them to succeed. Through Ascend Tuition, he is collaborating with and guiding amazing tutors who are genuinely concerned about empowering each of their students to reach their learning capacity.

We are happy to meet you in your home, to connect online or to conduct the tuition sessions at a mutually agreeable location.

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